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 São Paulo

Book your family taxi with car seat in  São Paulo

Child friendly cab in  São Paulo


To experience the most vibrant, colorful, and culturally rich city in the world, go to São Paulo, Brazil.

São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil. It is home to breath-taking architecture, vibrant culture, Brazil’s best art collections and museums, colorful street arts, trendy bars, and more. These make São Paulo the most visited city in Brazil.

São Paulo has two airports - Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) and Congonhas Airport (CGH). The CGH services only domestic flights. But GRU, which is one of the largest airports in Brazil, services both international and domestic flights. Thus, except you are flying in from somewhere else in Brazil, your entry point into São Paulo will be the Guarulhos International Airport. 

When planning your São Paulo family vacation, your concern should not only be making it fun but also making it safe, especially for your little ones. You can do this by safely strapping your kids in infant car seats in whatever car carries you when zapping around the city to its must-see attractions.

Read on to find how you can find a car service with car seats in São Paulo and family destinations you shouldn’t miss.

Where to get family taxis with car seats in São Paulo

Car seat laws in Brazil seem to apply to only private vehicles, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find taxis with car seats in São Paulo. However, Taxi Bambino can help you arrange taxis with car seats in São Paulo to make your ride around the city safe for your kids.

Transportation from the Guarulhos International Airport into the city is fairly easy.

Public buses connect the international airport to the domestic CRG airport and areas in the city center. There’s also a shuttle service and several taxis operating from the airport to central São Paulo.

Car seat laws in Brazil require that children be strapped to car seats when riding in cars. The regulations provide that children from 0 - 4 years should be in infant car seats, and those from 4 - 7 years should be in safety booster seats.

However, these laws appear to apply to only private vehicles. Thus, in São Paulo, regular taxis do not come with infant car seats already installed or in the trunk (to be installed when needed).

To make your São Paulo vacation safe for your kids, you have to arrange for a taxi service with car seat. Thankfully, this is the business of Taxi Bambino.

Top family destinations in São Paulo (& how to get there)

Some of the best destinations in Sao Paulo for families with kids include:

  • Parque Ecologico do Tiete

  • Zoologico Municipal de Guarulhos

  • Zoológico de São Paulo

  • Ibirapuera Park

  • Sao Paulo Aquarium 

1. Parque Ecologico do Tiete

The Parque Ecologico do Tiete (or Tiete Ecological Park) was inaugurated in 1982 to provide a leisure area for the population of Sao Paulo. Today, it delights tourists (especially those with children) from all over the world.

The park is situated at Vila Santo Henrique, which is just south of GRU. It is only 23 minutes from the airport, making it perfect to escape to during a layover. Your taxi with car seat will drop you at the entrance of the sprawling park.

The park features native plants and animals, a museum, and recreational activities. Children will be delighted by the sights of different bird species (like macaws, owls, hawks, parakeets, hummingbirds, and more), monkeys, and reptiles (like tortoises and iguanas).

You’ll also find picnic and barbecue areas where families can gather for playtime and family enjoyment.

There are walk trails where families can take a stroll and soak in the air. The park will also delight the kids with bicycle and train rides, as well as exciting boat rides on the Tiete river. There’s also a library and museum that delight visitors with the story of the Tiete river.

2. Zoológico Municipal de Guarulhos

To the west of the Guarulhos Airport, in Franca, which is just 25 minutes away, is the Guarulhos Zoo.

This zoo is a perfect place to take the kids if you want to thrill them during a layover. It holds a variety of animals, such as a lion, jaguars, wolves, hippopotamuses, giraffes, chimpanzees, and more. 

3. Zoológico de São Paulo

The Sao Paulo Zoo, which is south of the city of Sao Paulo in Agua Funda, is the largest in Brazil.

It is a relatively long journey (about 1 hr 10 mins) from the airport. However, a taxi service with car seats can easily get you there and wait in the parking lot in front of the zoo.

The zoo showcases over 3,000 animals, with many of them in enclosures that replicate their natural habitats. Your kids will be excited to see native forest species like armadillos, sloths, howler monkeys, and more. There are also rare animals like white rhinos and orangutans.

The zoo also organizes night tours, which is a fantastic opportunity to experience the mysteries of the nightlife of the Zoo. The kids will be able to see and learn about nocturnal animals that are usually not active during the day. 


4. Ibirapuera Park

Just north of Sao Paulo Zoo in Vila Mariana is the urban park called Ibirapuera Park. It is the most visited park in South America, and definitely one where the whole family will have a swell time.

First, the park is an excellent place for outdoor exercise. There are great walk and bike trails to stretch your muscles jogging or cycling. The massive area for leisure is ideal for playing sports, lounging in the sun, and having a family picnic. 

There are many museums in the Park, including the famous Oca do Ibirapuera, which will excite kids with dinosaur bones, fossils, and artifacts. 

There’s a Japanese garden where children will find unique plant species, fishes, birds, and amphibians. The park also holds different recreational activities.

5. Sao Paulo Aquarium

The Sao Paulo Aquarium is the first thematic aquarium in South America and a reference in animal treatment and exhibition. It is east of Ibirapuera Park, just 19 minutes away, in Vila Sao Jose.  

Your children will scream “wow” with every turn in Sao Paulo Aquarium, as it houses hundreds of fascinating aquatic animals, including sharks, whales, rays, and more. You’ll also find rare species like albino alligators, a sea wolf, polar bears, etc. 

Interestingly, the aquarium holds more than sea animals. Kids are always excited to see land animals like kangaroos, seals, lemurs, monkeys, and more.

Another thing that’ll excite the kids in the aquarium is the mermaid shows. You’ll get to watch mermaids (actually humans dressed as mermaids) swim around in giant tanks and pose for pictures.

From enjoying quiet picnics in Tiete Ecological Park to watching the mythical mermaids come to life at the Sao Paulo Aquarium, there is so much fun for you and your kids in Sao Paulo. However, when zapping from/ to the airport and around town for a fun vacation, make the trip safe for your kids by using taxis with car seats.  

Contact Taxi Bambino and book a safe taxi with small children today.

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