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Dublin Airport

Family Taxi Car Seats in Dublin

Dublin transfer with baby seat


Dublin is Ireland’s capital with an immense history, rich culture, and the friendliest people. The ancient castles are worth visiting, and the street food is fantastic. The city is known for its pubs and nightlife and is home to the world’s famous Guinness. 


If you are backpacking across Europe with your kids, Dublin is equally family-friendly and offers fantastic tour sites. It is one of Europe’s major cities so you cannot expect a laid-back time here. Instead this city is fit for an adventure with your whole family. 


So make sure to include Dublin in your itinerary across Europe. And to make your visit hassle-free, this article includes info on where you can find family taxis with car seats, kids-compatible travel options in Dublin, plus a few things to do in the city when you are with children.

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Dublin, Ireland?

Getting private taxis with car seats in Dublin is pretty straightforward. Like any big city, you can find transportation counters at the airport or book an online taxi service with car seat ahead of your landing. 


The transportation system in Dublin is clean and swift. The Dublin airport is situated 10 kilometers from downtown Dublin, and it takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to get to the city via taxi or bus. If you happen to travel during peak hours, this time interval can quickly get double. 


Taxis are usually more comfortable and safer for getting to the central city. A private taxi service with car seats such as Taxi Bambino is also convenient because the driver will pick you up right at the terminal.


Just make sure you search for “taxis with car seats near me” on the website, and your taxi will arrive at the airport before you do, and the driver will even help you with your luggage. Also, with such taxis, you don’t need to pack your car seat for the journey.

Three fun family activities in Dublin

Dublin is a megacity and has all the tourist attractions you will expect in a city with a significant cultural heritage. Even for kids, it has several delightful spots to visit. 


Here are three family-friendly destinations in Dublin:

1. Viking Splash 

Viking Splash is a city tour that guides you across Dublin’s significant streets and waterways. The bus is shaped like a boat, and the passengers are handed a Viking helmet at the start of the tour. 


The guides are friendly and make sure the kids are entertained while educating them about the city’s history. The tour is an effective way for most of the city’s sightseeing while keeping the kids amused. 

2. St. Stephen’s Green


Dublin has several beautiful parks that are fit for an excellent day out with the kids. St. Stephen’s Green park is situated right in the city's center, and the scenery there is beyond amazing. 


This park is quite impressive if you or one of your kids are discovering their passion for photography. The stone bridges, flower beds, and the nearby St. Stephen’s Green shopping center have some click-worthy design and architecture. 


Moreover, the park has a playground with slides, climbs, and swings for a happy family picnic.


3. Dublin beach


Wondering where to go on a bright sunny day in Dublin? The beaches in Dublin are not exactly tropical and tranquil – but rather windy and usually full of people. 


But if you or your kids are not excessively anti-social, a day at the beach can be pretty amusing. 


The streets near the beach have various shops, candy stops, and restaurants, so there is no way you will get bored. You have a short walk, hit the water, and wrap the day with yummy local food.


But how do you get to all these places from your hotel?


Dublin is great for walking, and most days, you can carry your little ones in a rented stroller. But when you cannot travel on foot, the train and bus are cheap but not as trustworthy with a toddler. On the other hand, a private car service with car seats should be your go-to with little kids. 

So put safety first, and book a safe taxi with small children.

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